The 2021 MEGA DEMO hosted by the ICRI Carolinas Chapter was held on November 3rd and 4th in Raleigh. The two-day event featured four technical/educational presentations on Wednesday and demonstrations conducted by representatives from eight different member companies on Thursday. The MEGA DEMO was also the first time the chapter has been able to gather indoors for a meeting since 2019. It was certainly great to have everyone together again and we appreciate everyone who attended and participated. The Board was also pleased to recognize our outgoing President, Courtney Green for her contributions to the chapter and to also thank Steve Moore who rotates off the board after eight consecutive years of service to our chapter.

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On October 19th through the 20th ten member companies of this Chapter convened on a non-descript apartment complex in Charlotte, NC. The Rachel Street apartments are a 16-unit complex purchased in partnership with the Charlotte Rescue Mission (CRM). The CRM is a residential substance abuse treatment facility with separate campuses for men and women. The Rachel Street apartments were purchased to be used as transitional, assisted housing for graduates of the CRM program. This facility will be a springboard to transition men and women from the 120-day residential treatment program successfully back into society.

As these units are being renovated for their new use, a need was identified for some exterior concrete upgrades. Several of the entrance stoops were cracked and crumbling and in need of replacement, a few sections of sidewalks were missing, and the facility lacked pads to store trash cans instead of in the mud. Since we know concrete, ICRI Carolinas sprang into action.

One the first day of the three-day service project 23 individuals from 8 companies showed up with equipment and tools to demo the concrete to be replaced, remove the sod in areas for new concrete, form everything up, and place compacted gravel and wire mesh in the areas to be poured.

The second day 12 individuals from 5 member companies came to place and finish the concrete. We installed a total of 6 yards of concrete over about 350 square feet at 22 different locations. The pace was fast and furious as the volunteer group scrambled to get the 6 yards from the truck in wheelbarrows and a Georgia buggy and then to finish it as it began to set up. It was tough work but successful.

The third and final day was to simply strip the forms and clean everything up. In the end we helped to provide this important transitional-living project with the necessary infrastructure to be able to provide nice and functional housing for the tenants who are soon to move in. This was the largest service project our chapter has ever attempted. After becoming somewhat dormant during COVID without the ability to get together for our conferences, we thought this would be a great way to help spark our chapter back to life. The overwhelming response from the Chapter Members allowed not only all the work to get done, but a chance for everyone to be together and celebrate being members of such a wonderful organization. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Volunteers & Materials provided by:

Coastal Construction products
Guaranteed Supply
High Rock Waterproofing
Simpson Strong Tie
Stone Restoration of America